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Monday, June 6, 2011

First Day of School!

So school went fairly well.  I say this because we did a half day of mainly reviewing everything from last year.  If I let him out for a long time he wouldn't retain things as well.  So we're back to the books.  Anyway, we reviewed most of the subjects (reading, phonics, and math) and art.  Those subjects are the ones we have to stay on top of, well except art. :P  So it went fairly well.  Tomorrow will be the full on course and a heck of a lot smoother. (Cross our fingers) :)
So I completely forgot about the whole review on the Japanese language DVD.  Sorry about that. I got so busy that day with other things. First helping out at the church (and getting onto DS), then heading to Krystals to wait for my in-laws and eat lunch, then off to the flea market and finally home.  So it was very busy. By the time we got home it was time to make supper.  So zero time for the movie.  I'll do the DVD tomorrow during school and will let you know how he reacts to it.  Hopefully he'll like it and retain it.  Heck I'm hoping to like it and retain it. lol
Bye for now, I'm off to tape some pictures to the school room wall, which is quite bare at the moment.

Sarah Meadows 

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