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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Homeschool items came! When it got here I ripped it open like an excited school girl. I stared at each item for a minute or so just grinning. Then I rushed over to my playstation 2 ( yes it's mine) and promptly popped in the munchkin one for DS. That one he watched all the way through w/o being bored. So yeah on that one. Score one for me on picking the right one! The I popped the addition and subtraction rap. Awe total wipe out. He didn't like it. :( he sat for 15 minutes and declared it was too boring. So I'll put it aside and hopefully he'll change his mind later. Guess I'll have to pick another DVD. The art book was a score! He plopped down and started drawing the pictures right away. So two scores for me. ^_^ I haven't tried the Japanese DVD yet. We'll do that tomorrow after we get home from helping our church set up VBS for this coming week. I'll let you know.:)
Sarah Meadows 

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