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Friday, June 10, 2011

Okay so eventually we'll watch the Japanese DVD. I have been so busy doing all kinds of stuff that I haven't been able to get around to it. So I'm sure everyone is interested in what I'm teaching my ds. If not I'm tellin ya anyhoo :) So we are doing English / reading from BJ's (given to us by an awesome new friend, thanks Cenia) and math (mainly telling time because that's where we left off and he's still having a tad bit of trouble with) from a book I picked up from the store & handwriting (the internet print outs). We're mainly sticking with this until I feel like I can add some more in there. I really want to add Apologia Astronomy in there. Weird I know for a 2nd grader but he really wants to study about the planets, so we will. On top of the school basics there, we will and are practicing his sitting still for longer then 15 mins, manners and listening. He's reached the age of seeing what he can get away with. Trying times man trying times :P He's awesome though and sweet. He has this wonderful sweet thing where he will walk over to me and look straight at me and say "momma I love you" and then hugs me. That over course makes me melt and not want to put him in time out but a momma has to hold her ground and stick to her guns or you'll be looking for trouble when he's older. Just sayin'

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