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Switching Curriculum

DS is so bored in some of the subjects I'm teaching.  So I've been doing so much research on what direction to go in helping him get excited about school.  I know some things just aren't going to be fun, handwriting in particular, but there has to be something out there that excites him.  Lets see he's a squirmy little boy.  He likes to be outside and or moving.  What have I come up with?  Charlotte Mason
I was actually drawn to this way of teaching last year and that's why I went to one curriculum "Sonlight", but I don't know I felt confined in some way with it.  I'm not knocking it, I might go back to it next year or so. 
This time though, I'm doing more hands on and outdoors stuff.  If anyone knows fun way to do handwriting please help.  I'm trying to teach cursive. 

Sarah Meadows